In walking distance to the office of the CFK Valley e.V the PFH Hansecampus Stade is located, a branch of the PFH Göttingen. To the delight of all people who work in the 'inner circle' of the CFK Valley, a cafeteria is there as well, which is at the same time used extensively as a communication forum. 

  • Engineering study in composite materials (CFRP) 
  • Bachelor's and master's degree (topic suggestions by CFK-Valley members possible) 
  • Extensive training program 
  • Implementation of customized courses to suit your needs 
  • More programs (also known as distance learning) 

Curious? Then you will find further information under www.composite-campus.de www.pfh.de and provides for the physical well-being in the morning, noon and afternoon: www.qualifizierungskueche.de