Street: Hazenweg 41
Zip-Code: 7556 BM
City: Hengelo , Netherlands
Website: www.viro.nl

Long Description: 

With a history of over 40 years, VIRO remains to this day a strong office operating internationally, with seven offices and around 500 passionate employees. The strength of VIRO lies in the delivery of complete solutions by means of a decisive and integrated approach. Our core business is engineering and project management. Whether the task at hand is a simple one or a complex project where several disciplines must seamlessly co-operate. A complete solution is what we stand for.

Products + Services:

  • Engineering
  • Project management

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Process Simulation
Production Systems


Wind Energy
Wind Energy
Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Marine Systems
Marine Systems
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Competence Description: 

We can take care of all phases of a project for our clients. From feasibility study to start-up and maintenance. For that purpose, we have:


  • Broad expertise and experience in various market segments
  • Specialist knowledge per engineering discipline
  • The capacity to combine necessary disciplines effectively
  • A result-oriented, pragmatic attitude. A creative approach.
  • VIRO offers custom-tailored services:
  • Engineering at hourly rates or fixed amounts / Secondment / Consultancy


  • computer aided engineering
  • product development
  • mechanical engineering
  • tools