Toray Carbon Fibers Europe, SA

Street: Route Départementale 817
Zip-Code: 64170
City: LACQ, France
Website: www.toray-cfe.com

Long Description: 

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe is the European wholly owned subsidiary of Toray, established in France in 1982. Toray Carbon Fibers Europe is engaged in manufacturing and sales of carbon fibers and composite materials. It currently has carbon fiber production capacity of 5,200 tons a year. Toray is the world’s largest manufacturer of carbon fibers. TORAYCA®, the group’s brand name for carbon fiber materials, has been used in various ways ranging from sports and leisure applications to general industrial uses and aerospace field, thanks to its excellent characteristics of light weight, strength and stiffness.

Products + Services:

  • Carbon Fibers (High Tensile, Intermediate Modulus, High Modulus)
  • Composites
  • Pregregs
  • Precursors

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Materials & Auxiliaries


Wind Energy
Wind Energy
Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction
Marine Systems
Marine Systems
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Competence Description: 

Carbon Fibers/Composite Materials/Prepregs

Toray’s carbon fiber composite materials segment is underpinned by Toray’s strengths, including:

  • global operations with production bases in Japan, US and Europe
  • vertical development of prepreg, intermediate materials and composite materials as well as carbon fibers
  • superior lineup of carbon fiber products oft he highest quality
  • technological competitive edge attributable to the stable quality of our prepreg products
  • solid position in aircraft and industrial applications
  • Product Development
  • European Technical Center (France) 


  • carbon fibers
  • fibre development
  • fibre manufacturing
  • prepreg
  • composites
  • carbon fiber pultrusion
  • product development