Topocrom GmbH

Street: Hardtring 29
Zip-Code: 78333
City: Stockach
Website: www.topocrom.com

Long Description: 

Topocrom GmbH generates metallic surfaces on electrically conductive materials. With the closed reactor technology Topocrom  GmbH works with the most modern production plant. The hemispherical Topocrom® surfaces are electro-plated in situ, emission-free and wastewater-free. Topocrom GmbH has about 40 employees and nearly 50 years of experience in electro-plating.

Products + Services:

  • Topocrom® coatings of supplied parts
  • Manufacturing and coating of parts according to drawings
  • Consulting and support of our customers in the phase of construction of parts to be coated

Competence Description: 

The surface of all coomponent parts is influenced gy tribology and corrosion. Therefore the ground material has to be adapted to the  requirements concerning the surface effects. This is generally done by coating the parts. Topocrom® coatings are very variable and thus very suitable for the production and processing of carbon fibres rovings. The core competences of Topocrom GmbH are the application of coatings and their development. This includes the whole process from pre-treatment to after-treatment. The procedural competence is completed by our  in-house developed electro-plating equipment, which is the second source of income of our company group.