Ten Cate Advanced Composites

Street: P.O box 9
Zip-Code: 7440 AA
City: Nijverdal, Niederlande
Website: www.tencate.com

Long Description: 

The TenCate Advanced Composites Group, part of the multinational Royal Ten Cate, is a global supplier of advanced composite materials for the aerospace and space industry, anti-ballistics and a wide range of industrial products. The company combines its fibre expertise with smart chemical and engineering technologies. This synergy gives a true meaning to Ten Cate’s slogan “Materials that make a Difference”. In close cooperation with TenCate Advanced Composites USA, the group has evolved into one of the most innovative technology and manufacturing leaders, supplying advanced composite materials for demanding applications. Its materials offer quality solutions to a variety of applications in military and commercial aerospace, microwave and RF communications, electronics and industrial applications.

Products + Services:

  • TenCate Cetex® RTL - continuous reinforced thermoplastic laminates
  • TenCate Cetex® Thermo-Lite - thermoplastic UD tapes

Value-Added Steps

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Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction

Competence Description: 

Ten Cate Advanced Composites based in the Netherlands, produces continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic laminates. A qualified range of composite concepts is currently used for over 3000 structural and semi-structural aircraft parts as well as for many aircraft interior applications. Branded under the name ‘TenCate Cetex®’, the high strength / low weight material based on PPS, PEI and PEEK thermoplastic resin types is qualifi ed at all aircraft OEM‘s and its 1st and 2nd Tier suppliers and subcontractors. Cetex® is lighter than traditional metals but stronger due to glass-, carbon and aramid reinforcement within the advanced thermoplastic matrix types. Flat laminates can be easily and quickly thermoformed into parts against low processing cost. A further benefi t lies in outstanding FST/OSU values, its good resistance to aggressive fluids such as Skydrol® and broad operating temperature range. The US based production facility is specialized in thermoplastic- and thermoset resin based (Unidirectional-) prepregs & tapes, adhesives and syntactic


  • organo sheets
  • materials for fibre placement
  • automated tape lying (ATL)
  • unidirectional fabrics
  • thermoplastic composites