Shanghai DNK New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Street: 3399 Caoying Rd.
Zip-Code: Qingpu District
City: Shanghai CHINA
Website: www.dnkcarbon.com

Long Description: 

Shanghai DNK New Materials Technology lndustry Co., Ltd. (DNK) is a part of the DAG Group. DNK offers lightweight carbon fiber solutions for aircraft, sports and medical device industry since 2009.
In our factory in Shanghai-Qingpu, DNK is currently producing different elements for aviation interior, e.g. seat structures and galley cart models, drawing on eight years of rich expertise in carbon fiber design and manufacturing. Our team of workers, designers and engineers offers our clients services from first design to product delivery.

DNK possesses ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certification and all processes are completed by comprehensive static tests with our approved testing equipment, fulfilling safety standards at each manufacturing stage. To continuosly improve quality of our products, we cooperate with local R&D centers and universities, recruiting young talents and ensuring future competitiveness through scientific and knowledge advantage.

Products + Services:

  • Aviation interior OEM
  • Carbon Fiber Seats, Galleys and Stretchers
  • lnhouse Design, Development and Feasibility Study
  • Customized Manufacturing of Mouldings and final Products
  • Quality check

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Manufacturing Processes
Material Processing
Joining & Assembly Techniques



Competence Description: 

As part of DNK, we are drawing on eight years of rich expertise in carbon fiber design and manufacturing. DNK Air develops highly customized solutions for our clients from the aviation interiors industry, implying all competences from preliminary design to delivery. After receiving the customer requirements, our engineers will conduct a first feasibility analysis, accompanied by individualized mould design and manufacturing. DNK is manufacturing the steel coulds and toolings in their facility, which leads to advantages in product development, delivery times and pricing.

Following a first strict quality check, prepregs will be cut, premoulded and press-cured. During the entire machining and assembling process DNK is fulfilling highest industry and quality standard. Our statistic checks ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. Having the entire production-line inhouse, we assure a high degree of flexibility and tight contact with our customers through the whole manufacturing process, making us the ideal partner for OEM components for the aviation industry.