Street: Dellestraat 32
Zip-Code: B-3560
City: Lummen
Website: www.sabca.be

Long Description: 

SABCA Limburg N.V. is a major subcontracting partner on many commercial and military aircraft programs specializing in the design, development, testing and manufacture of high-value composite aerostructures. We work for major aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus, Dassault and Gulfstream as well as their 1st Tier suppliers. As an independent 1st tier supplier to the global aviation industry with over 20 years of aerospace experience SABCA Limburg offers a wide range of products such as horizontal stabilizers, flap panels, flap fairings and torsion box ribs. The introduction of lean manufacturing has played a major role in SABCA Limburg’s ability to improve lead times, provide cost reduction, automate and develop new processes. SABCA Limburg also leverages a global supply base and low-cost sourcing. In order to keep pace with the latest technology trends, substantial investments are made to develop new manufacturing methods and to optimize existing ones.

Products + Services:

  • Horizontal Tailplanes
  • Vertical Tailplanes
  • Wing boxes
  • Spars and Stringers
  • Fairings

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Manufacturing Processes
Joining & Assembly Techniques



Competence Description: 

Since its formation SABCA Limburg has made many signifi cant steps to enhance its capabilities and competitiveness in the aerospace industry covering most aspects of a modern manufacturer of advanced composite materials, such as:


  • Research and development of manufacturing processes
  • Design of complex structural components
  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Serial production
  • Testing and qualification
  • Customer support


Our highly advanced automated carbon fiber composite production facility, equipped with automated tape laying machines, support our strategy to deliver highly complex carbon fiber components to the aircraft industry.


  • Gelege
  • automatisiertes Tapelegen
  • Fibre Placement
  • Preforming
  • Bauteile