Pinette Emidecau GmbH

Street: Industriestrasse 4
Zip-Code: 29499
City: Zernien
Website: www.pinetteemidecau.eu

Long Description: 

Pinette manufactures taylormade press lines for any production process and complete process chains as well as special machinery like NDT test benches worldwide. To economically develop, manufacture and turnkey realize production lines are dayly business at Pinette. Specially at our german location Zernien/ lower Saxony we have a 40 year's experience in developing and industrializing of manufacturing processes, manufacturing of production lines as well as complete production plants.

Products + Services:

  • Processing Machines for High Performance Composites
  • Automatic Turnkey Lines for Mass Production Composites
  • Hydraulic Special Machines, Non Destructive Testing
  • Thermoplastic forming Lines, Presses, RTM etc.
  • Preforming, Cutting, Handling

Value-Added Steps

Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems
Material Processing
Joining & Assembly Techniques


Wind Energy
Wind Energy
Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Competence Description: 

RTM for Carbon composites as well as thermoplastic lines are focusses of Pinette in aeronautic industries. These allow also synergies with automotive applications like automated wet processes and RTM processes. In these fields we also produce preforming lines, material logistics, automation as well as automated lines for non- destructive material testing. RRIM, SMC, SRIM/GMPU, LFT, GMT, BMC are further focusses which make Pinette a leading company for high performing machines and lines since decades.


  • RTM-Lines
  • Thermoplastic Lines
  • preforming
  • Handling
  • automation