Parker Prädifa

Street: Rupelweg 11
Zip-Code: B-2850
City: BOOM
Website: www.parker.com/be

Long Description

Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies. The Belgian division, located in Boom, is part of the sealing group. Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Belgium BVBA is responsible for the Business Unit PTFE, which also includes production plants in Czech and Denmark.

BU PTFE is engineering and producing seals for extreme conditions: from cryogenic to above 300°C, from deep vacuum to several thousand bars of pressure, from static to highly dynamic applications, all kinds of gasses and fluids even very aggressive media,…

Parker BU PTFE is mainly active in Aerospace (seals for e.g. launchers and bleed air systems), Oil and Gas (oil rigs, floating production storage and off-loading equipment, LNG gas transportation) and general industrial equip-ment (engines, compressors, pistons, pumps).

Products + Services

  • Seals for extreme dynamic conditions
  • Big axi-symmetrical products
  • Carbon fiber fabric reinforced PEEK rings
  • Mechanical testing

Value-Added Steps

Materials & Auxiliaries
Material Processing


Wind Energy
Wind Energy

Competence Description

Parker is making a.o. seals to be used in extreme dynamic applications. Most seals are made out of PTFE or PTFE filled with carbon or glass fi-bers, graphite, bronze,…

Seal performance is simulated with Finite Element Software (Abaqus) or seals are being tested in the mechanical lab to be able to show the seal-ing performance over time. In close discussion with customers test rigs are built to simulate as best the real life conditions.

Some applications require the use of stronger and stiffer materials typi-cally PEEK and PEEK compounds are selected.

With the demand to resist higher temperatures and pressures and the fact that applications are always becoming bigger, the current material port-folio is reaching its limits.

Therefor Parker started several years ago a big investigation project to re-inforce PEEK with a carbon fiber fabric. Parker developed and patented a laser assisted tape laying method to produce fiber reinforced PEEK rings from 0,3 towards 3 meter in diameter.

Those big diameter rings are precision machined towards the final prod-uct used in a sealing assembly.


  • Laser assisted tape laying
  • Carbon fiber fabric reinforced PEEK
  • High precision turning
  • Sealing technology
  • Big diameters