Street: Heßlingsweg 14-16
Zip-Code: 44309
City: Dortmund
Website: www.murtfeldt.de

Long Description: 

Murtfeldt products are used in all situations requiring packaging, filling, and transport systems. The
Dortmund-based company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chain and belt guides, chain
tensioners, and glide-enabling plastics.
Murtfeldt paved the way for success in the 1950s when Material “S“®-Green was introduced. The
company thus created a brand that even today is synonymous with excellent glide properties, high wear
resistance, and a long service life.
A rolling stone gathers no moss: Murtfeldt has continued to research and develop raw materials and
additives in the company's own laboratories, constantly combining them to create new products. Today,
Murtfeldt boasts an extensive range of plastics that are used in many different industry sectors: In power
train engineering, conveyor technology, the drinks, food, and packaging industries, medical technology,
pharmaceuticals, and laboratory equipment. Depending on the requirements of each case, these plastics
are antistatic, antibacterial, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, noise-insulating, or a combination of the

Products + Services:

  • Semi-finished parts out of technical plastics
  • Chain- and belt guides
  • Chain- and belt tensioners
  • Manufacture of customized finish parts out of technical plastics




Sonstige Branchen


  • Chain guides
  • Semi-finished plastic parts
  • Chain tensioner
  • Finish parts
  • Technical plastics
  • Belt guides