MateriaNova Materials R&D Centre

Zip-Code: B-7000
City: MONS
Website: http://www.materianova.be/

Brief description of the Company:

The Centre of Excellence Materia Nova, which is located midway between Paris and Brussels in Mons-Bergen, was born in the framework of 'Objectif n°1' of the European Structural Funds 1994 - 1999. It is a non-profit organization since 2001 specialized in the elaboration and characterization of new matrices for composite materials including bio-sourced materials, polymer nanocomposites, nano-hybrids, organic semiconductors and plasma polymers. Moreover, Materia Nova is focusing since its creation in the development of original and eco-friendly manufacturing processes such as reactive-extrusion, nanocomposite mechanosynthesis, sol-gel processes, plasma technology and alternatives to hexavalent chromium anti-corrosion treatments.                                                                                                                   

The main objectives of Materia Nova can be summarized as follows:

  • Scientific research for industry and specific tests/analyses of all the materials used or produced by these industries;
  • Knowledge, expertise, knowhow and equipment are made available to businesses in the form of technological guidance;
  • Promotion and dissemination of research results and developments corresponding to its area of expertise (technology watch);
  • Training programs contributing to the performance of the above objectives.

Core Competencies:

The main expertise developed at Materia Nova in the field of composites deals with synthesis of matrices with controlled structure, their manufacture processing and the interfacial phenomena characterization. More specifically, the following skills can be outlined:

  • Synthesis of new monomers, macromers, resin precursors and biomass platform molecules
  • Synthesis of bio-polymeric matrices totally or partially derived from renewable resources.
  • Synthesis and formulation of (bio)polymeric matrices based on high and/or specific performance properties (fire resistance, thermal, electrical conductivity properties for instance) in the presence of functional (nano)fillers derived from the biomass or not.
  • Elaboration of polymer based nanocomposites and nanohybrids via ball-mill dry mixing technique.
  • Reactive melt-processing including polymerization, co-polymerization, melt-blending, chemical modification and grafting of (bio)polymeric materials using reactive extrusion carried out at small-scale (5-100g) and large-scale (10-100kg/h). 
  • Development of sustainable strategies (solvent free, no VOC, LCA for instance) to prepare and structure polymeric matrices (including blends and hybrid polymer materials…) and the understanding of the relations structure-properties, processing and performance in order to manufacture advanced matrices.

All these scientific and technological issues can be performed owing to the remarkable instrumental park available at Materia Nova.


  • Synthesis and formulation of thermoset, thermoplastic, elastomer matrices
  • nanohybrids and nanocomposites
  • benzoxazine resins
  • biomass platform molecules and precursors
  • reactive extrusion; sol-gel process
  • plasma technology
  • high performance organic matrices (flame retardancy, electrical, thermal resistance…)