HDE Consult GmbH

Street: Airbus Straße 3
Zip-Code: 21684
City: Stade
Website: www.hde-consult.de

Long Description:

The HDE Consult GmbH is one of the leading engineering suppliers in the field of digital factory and industrialisation of CFRP manufacturing methods for the automotive and aircraft industry as well as the machine and plant production. Headquaters are in Stade and Fellbach. Since founding in 2007 several consultants are constantly located in Stade to be on the pulse of the CFRP development. The HDE Consult GmbH faces up to the challenges of industrialisation CFRP manufacturing methods. Due to many years of experience in the automotive and aircraft industry the HDE Consult GmbH is an established partner in the CFRP Valley network.

Products + Services:

  • Industralisation of CFRP manufacturing methods
  • Simulation of CFRP processes
  • Digital plant
  • CFRP process planning
  • CFRP process optimisation

Value-Added Steps

Process Simulation
Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems


Wind Energy
Wind Energy
Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Competence Description:

The business activities of HDE Consult GmbH generally contain process planning and optimisation. Particularly the production processes of composite components.

The industrialisation of these processes is currently a major challenge. The HDE Consult GmbH accepts this challenge of industrialisation. If neccesary in cooperation with CFK-Valley partners. 3D planning and simulation of single processes or even entire factories are important to evaluate tomorrow‘s production systems today and eliminate potential errors before they accure.


  • simulation
  • digital factory
  • process planning
  • process optimization
  • industrialization