Gumi City

Street: 55 Songjeong-daero, Gumi-si,
Zip-Code: Gyeongsangbuk-do,
City: 39281, Republic of Korea
Website: www.gumi.go.kr/

Long Description:

Gumi is the largest inland export-based industrial city in Korea. As of now, Gumi has the popu-lation of 430,000. With an area of 616.03 km2. Gumi first established the national industrial com-plex in 1969 and now it has 5 national industrial complexes covering 36.4km2 with 120,000 workers in approximate 3,200 businesses including LG Display and Samsung Electronics. Manufacturing semi-conductors, mobile phones, LCD, computers, TVs, information and com-munication devices, Gumi has developed as a state-of-the art IT industry . As for foreign in-vestment, 48 companies from 7 countries are located such as elringklinger, Delkor and Toray. Gumi has steadily developed for the last 45 years and has achieved a great success. For further success, Gumi has a plan to diversify its industrial sectors and does countless re-search on it. As Gumi recognizes the importance of Carbon Fiber Industry, it has been mak-ing efforts to develop this industry. As result of its endeavors, Toray Advanced Material has signed on the MOU promising to establish its factory manufacturing Carbon Fiber in Gumi and now Gumi has a plan to establish Carbon Fiber Cluster.