GE Wind Energy GmbH

Street: Holsterfeld 16
Zip-Code: 48499
City: Salzbergen
Website: www.gewindenergy.com

Long Description:

GE’s wind business was founded in 2002 and is with over 4,200 employees globally one of the world’s leading producers of wind energy products with development and assembly sites in Germany, China, India and the USA. The Salzbergen wind-energy facility located in Lower Saxony in Northern Germany is with more than 800 employees also GE’s European headquarters for renewable energy. An office was opened in Hamburg in 2011 as an additional site. Our current product portfolio includes both onshore and offshore wind turbines with rated capacities of 1.5 to 4.1 megawatts and support services ranging from development assistance to operation and maintenance. GE Energy’s wind power division has developed and built more than 17,000 wind turbines worldwide. The 1.5/1.6 MW series is the most sold turbine in its class and was installed in 19 countries in the last 10 years. Since September 2008 GE is producing the 2.5/2.75 series in Salzbergen which was developed for the European market.

Products + Services:

  • 2,5MW / 2,75MW Onshore Series
  • 1,5MW / 1,6MW Onshore Series
  • 4,1MW Offshore Turbine

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Process Simulation
Manufacturing Processes
Joining & Assembly Techniques


Wind Energy
Wind Energy

Competence Description:

  • Structural design of rotor blades, nacelle and spinner made out of composite materials
  • Development and optimization of manufacturing processes for rotor blades made out of
  • GFRP and CFRP with infusion and prepreg technology
  • Innovative development and research of new concepts and technologies in order to reduce the weight and cost of rotor blades
  • Experience with full scale static and fatigue testing of rotor blades
  • Aerodynamical design and development of Rotorblades


  • Rotor Blades
  • finite elements analysis
  • tooling
  • prepreg
  • infusion