Future Aerospace Industry LLC

Street: No. 3, Lantian Road, Economic Development Zone
Zip-Code: PR China 618400
City: Shifang, Sichuan
Website: http://www.afi-pe.com

Long Description:

Established on 22nd December 2009, Future Aerospace Industry LLC is a technology-led aircraft and aero engine parts & components integrated manufacturer and service provider. It’s fully owned by public listed company Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. (MRI) with registered capital €27 million and total asset €409 million. Currently there are 3 manufacturing sites with 667,000 sqm total area, 1500 employees (320 engineers). Products include aircraft structure components, aero engine components, offshore engineering, rail transportation, flame-retardant construction materials for overseas and domestic customers: Boeing, Bombardier, Honeywell, COMAC, AVIC/AECC companies. Sales in 2015 reaches €82 million and in 2016 expected €144 million. The company has been investing hugely to develop its capabilities and capacities, €411 million has been invested by the end of 2015, and €1 billion is available for further investment in next 2-3 years.

Composite is one of the main investment areas, a brand new 89,000 sqm composite factory has been built with €103 million investment to enhance current composite capabilities and capacities, and two composite companies have been acquired recently.

Products + Services

  • Aircraft structure components (including metal and composite materials)
  • Aero engine components
  • Offshore Engineering
  • Rail Transportation
  • Flame-retardant construction materials

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Process Simulation
Materials & Auxiliaries
Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems
Material Processing
Joining & Assembly Techniques
Surface Technology
Training & Education


Wind Energy
Wind Energy
Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Marine Systems
Marine Systems
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Competence Description:

Future Aerospace focuses on the development and application of weight reduction technology of aircraft structural components and aero engine components. The key technologies including digitized simulation designing and development, composite material manufacturing and sheet metal forming, complex components CNC machining, thermal diffusion welding, thermal surface treatment, assembly and complex test.

Composite products consist of multi-beam box, fuselage skin, cabin door, multi- cavity box structural part, tail cover skin, honeycomb core sandwich structural parts with composite skins and honeycomb machining parts.

Future Aerospace is AS9100 certified and NADCAP approved for welding and heat treatment, more special processes and NDT are schedule for approval.


  • resin Systems
  • Basalt tow
  • Prepreg
  • Equipment
  • Sintered products