Formstaal GmbH & Co. KG

Street: An der Werft 17
Zip-Code: 18439
City: Stralsund
Website: www.formstaal.de

Long Description:

Formstaal is one of the leading engineering and manufacturing partners for large welded structures made of 3D formed metal plates. Commonly handled materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and various special ferro-alloys like INVAR etc. Manufacturing capabilities of Formstaal include cutting, forming, welding, heat treatment and measurement equipment for part dimensions of up to 40 m. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Modul- und Formbau GmbH (MFB), which was founded in 2006. Formstaal and MFB are located in Stralsund, Germany on the Baltic Sea. This location provides ideal logistic conditions due to the direct port and motorway access with respect to the transport of large and bulky structures to any place in the world.

Products + Services:

  • mould construction
  • 3d-forming
  • welding specialist
  • Engineering
  • project management

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems
Material Processing
Surface Technology


Marine Systems
Marine Systems
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Competence Description:

Building large and complex tools and jigs for composite parts is the central element of Formstaal’s aerospace business unit. Core capabilities focus around the complete design & building process chain for moulds and tooling systems including the expansion of freeform surfaces, material cutting, 3D cover sheet forming, welding, heat treatment processes and 5-axis milling as well as design development and engineering support. In-process quality control during fabrication, assembly and final inspection is ensured using a laser tracker and a helium leak test machine. At Formstaal emphasis is given to medium and very large curing tools as well as fibreplacement mandrels and lay-up tools. In the past Formstaal has built moulds for the fabrication of composite parts and assemblies of up to 25 m in length, 6 m in width and 5 m in height with cover sheets of up 40 mm in thickness. Tooling designed and built by Formstaal is currently being used in many of the most important programs in the defence and commercial aerospace industries. References include tools for fuselage sections for the Airbus A350 XWB program, wing box tools for the EADS A400M program as well as flaps and spars for Boeing’s Dreamliner program etc.


  • tools
  • lamination- and gluing-device
  • project management
  • 3D preforming