Dynatech Corporation

Street: 52 Al-Montazah St. Heliopolis
City: Cairo - Egypt
Website: www.Dynatecheg.com


DYNATECH CORPORATION is a newly established company in Egypt working in automotive and transportation sectors. One of the main objectives of DAYNATECH is to establish state of the art 3S facilities in Egypt to cover the growing demand of high quality services in the automotive market. The other strategic key objective is to explore business opportunities in the advanced technologies related to automotive and transportation industry, specifically in automotive components made of Light Weight Materials [LWM] such as composites, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers [CFRP] and hybrid materials.      As current laws of global warming and climate changes are stringent and highly regulated, and due to the increase in automotive production, there is a growing demand for LWM production it would result in improving fuel economy thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This would in turn result in being environmental and economically viable without compromising payload efficiency and safety features. 


As an emerging new player in automotive industry in Egypt, DYNATECH aims to accomplish high priority global downstream projects by leveraging the recent economic reforms and Egypt government’s  subsidies relevant to such kind of manufacturing projects, These includes  financial funds for SMEs, low cost facilities , Low labor wages, incentives offered by the new investment law and efficient logistic services, these subsidies can be availed in industrial zones and economic areas like Suez Canal, East Port Said and others

In addition to the above, the current competitiveness of the Egyptian pound in comparison to other major currencies is a positive step offering a great advantage for Egyptian exports. Ultimately this stands to help the country in the long-run and is likely a welcome sign for foreign investors.   

Positioning Egypt On The Global Map Of Automotive Industry

Within this vision DYNATECH is striving to transform the automotive industry in Egypt using the latest state of the art advanced technologies which would put Egypt on the map of the global automotive industry. DYNATECH is currently in discussion with relevant authorities in Egypt to establish a series of JVs project in manufacturing automotive components including LWMs and Energy Storage Systems sector. Eventually these projects will create strategic social and economic values for the country, in turn delivering financial returns to investors and technology partners.