Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.

Institut für Faserverbundleichtbau und Adaptronik

Street: Lilienthalplatz 7
Zip-Code: 38108
City: Braunschweig
Website: www.dlr.de/FA

Long Description:

About 150 scientists and engineers are working at the Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems, which has sites in Braunschweig, Stade, Hamburg and Bremen. The main topics of our research and development are multifunctional materials, structural mechanics, composite design, composite technology, adaptronics and composite process technology. Our research focuses on the improvement of weight efficiency, cost effi ciency, functionality, comfort and environmental protection. Since 2007, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Wiedemann has been the head of our institute, which has been growing constantly. In 2010, the Center for Lightweight-Production-Technology (ZLP) in Stade was founded as an addition to the institute and complemented the research by further topics. We cooperate with partners and customers from the industry, science and politics on a national and international level.

Products + Services:

  • Nano – Micro – Macro
  • Robust Primary Structure
  • Compliant Aggregation of Functionalities
  • Self-controlled Composite Processing
  • Autonomous Composite Structures

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Process Simulation
Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems
Training & Education


Wind Energy
Wind Energy
Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction
Marine Systems
Marine Systems

Competence Description:

We bridge the gap between fundamental research and industrial application. Our research covers the entire process chain to create adaptable, tolerant, effi ciently manufactured, lightweight structures. It is our conviction that successful research and development in the field of functional CFRP structures is driven by close collaboration between materials, engineering, production and quality disciplines. In order to deal with strength, stability and thermo-mechanical phenomena, we operate unique experimental facilities like thermo-mechanical test facilities, buckling facilities and an Airbus qualifi ed material test lab. Our Institute has capabilities in the areas of preforming, filament winding, liquid composite moulding and microwave curing. We also feature a fiber placement facility with cooperating robots, the biggest research autoclave worldwide and a high production rate RTM process line. These state of the art manufacturing facilities enable us to develop novel manufacturing technologies and to realize innovative composite structures.


  • process development
  • adaptronics
  • nanotechnology
  • fibre reinforced composites
  • research