Street: Bramfelder Str. 164
Zip-Code: 22305
City: Hamburg
Website: www.cmt-net.org

Short Description

Center of Maritime Technologies e. V. (CMT) is the coordinator of the network for research, devel-opment and innovation of the German maritime industry and science community. Founded in 1965 in Hamburg by the leading shipyards and other maritime partners, the non-profit association has nowa-days about 85 members. Composed from members of the maritime industry as well as from academ-ia and research, CMT reaches the whole value chain. In this manner, CMT acts as technology guide for the maritime industry paving the way from research to industrial innovations. Moreover, CMT is taking a leading role in national and European industry networks for dissemination and technology transfer of R&D activities. CMT’s activities lead to several funded industrial research projects as well as to a confiding technology transfer, e.g. in the newly established maritime bonding cluster or the European network for promoting lightweight applications at sea, E-Lass. The particularity of CMT is its work as research centre conducting own developments in strategic fields.


Products + Services:

  •  Technology transfer
  •  Development of production processes
  •  Support for implementation of new material and processes
  •  Revelation of research needs and support for funding application
  •  Coordination of networks and research consortia






Competence Description:

CMT serves as the central hub for the maritime competence network with the following tasks, aims and services:

  • Central contact point for innovative tasks and ideas in the maritime sector
  • Information broker and contact point for research-related information, competencies and exploitation of research results
  • Coordination of maritime R&D activities in Germany and Europe, foremost through establishment and coordination of R&D networks
  • Initiation of innovation, research and development through information, consulting, administrative and technical support
  • Commissioned research activities through own capacities in selected fields
  • Strategy formation for companies, specific economic sectors and the whole maritime industry
  • Fostering the European integration through collaboration in European committees and by contribution to the development of the European Research Area
  • Enabling contact between CMT members and other players in the maritime sector and beyond