Street: Bâtiment Eole, rue des Fréres Wright, 29
Zip-Code: B-6041
City: Gosselies
Website: www.cenaero.be

Long Description

Created in 2002,Cenaero is an applied research center providing to companies involved in a technology innovation process high fidelity numerical simulation methods and tools to invent and design more competitive products. We are a privileged partner of large companies and a support to regional companies including innovative SMEs.

Cenaero specializes in multidisciplinary simulation, design and optimization (fluid, mechanics, thermal and acoustics) and simulation of manufacturing processes (welding, machining, additive manufacturing) for metallic structures as well as manufacturing and control of composite structures.

Cenaero operates a supercomputing infrastructure among the world 500 most powerful systems and also has experimental facilities in composite manufacturing and prototyping giving us the possibility to assist you with process monitoring, dimensional control and NDT inspection.

Products + Services 

  • Composite design
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
  • Prototyping
  • Process simulation
  • Research & Innovation

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Process Simulation
Joining & Assembly Techniques


Wind Energy
Wind Energy

Competence Description:

In the field of composite we focus on developing tools and methodologies to:

  • Be involved in the design parts and structural assemblies through multidisciplinary optimization
Modeling the behavior of composite materials taking into account complex reinforcement architectures.
  • Simulate the curing process and predict the deformations that are observed after demolding as well as the resulting residual stress distributions.


  • Numerical simulation
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
  • Research
  • CAE
  • Lab development & validation