Bolle & Cords Elektrotechnik

Street: Gewerbestraße 16
Zip-Code: 25358
City: Horst
Website: www.bolle-cords.de

Long Description:

The company‘s spectrum of products, services ranges over three main fields.

These are different treatment and production equipment for resin infi ltration to manufacture high-quality CFRP-structures in the aircraft and automotive industry, as well as Resin-Treatment and Pre-Heating Stations, microwave or conventional heated. The REKON mobile system family is widely used to retrofit, repair and finish CFRP- and GRP-components, whereas THJ accumulates and transmits thermoelectric signals out of high-temperature spaces. Moreover, the company designed and realized complex switchgears for industry, shipping and navy. To combine electrical, mechanical engineering in our daily work brings a profound experience to the company´s staff to define a customer´s project requirements, to realize it, commissioned, documentation in place.

Products + Services: 

  • REKON to retrofi t, qualify and repair CFK / GFK structures
  • PREHST M, a resin PRE-Heating Station Microwave heating source
  • RTM injection Station optional Microwave heating
  • THJ transfer of thermo-electric signals autoclave and oven
  • Infusion Station optional Microwave heating

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Materials & Auxiliaries
Production Systems


Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Marine Systems
Marine Systems

Competence Description:

Defi nition / development, design, assembly and qualifi cation of resin pre-conditioning and transfer stations, computer controlled, data logging and USB port. PREHST M, a Resin PRE-Heating Station fully automated, Microwave or conventional heating source. RTM station, infusion and injection types. MVI, SLI technology. Microwave heating source. Vacuum control. Main computer master – slave control system. THJ, transfer of thermo-electric signals within and out of high temperature space, such as autoclave, solaria. Sensors of FEMI´s, transport trolleys and measurement accumulating point are easily connected, pluggable. Including pressure proof multi core lead-through, from high temperature space into standard space. Services : Installation, maintenance, documentation of own and other products and equipment. Test service of contol circuitry, measuring and sensor systems. Documentation.



  • resin transfer machines
  • temperature control
  • microvaves oven
  • hot bonder REKON