Street: Carlo-Schmid-Allee 3
Zip-Code: 44263
City: Dortmund
Website: www.bct-online.de

Long Description:

BCT GmbH, a system supplier founded in 1986, specializes in solutions for in-process scanning and adaptive machining. The engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and applications specialists at BCT carry out all phases of your projects from consulting over development to after-sales service. During all phases of CFRP manufacturing and repair, deviations of CFRP components from nominal shape play a decisive role. The BCT systems for adaptive machining compensate for both individual deviations from nominal shape and inaccurate clamping positions. This makes it possible for the fi rst time to automate geometrically critical NC processes. Moreover, it leads to substantial reductions in costs and throughput times.

Products + Services: 

  • In-process measuring and scanning
  • Geometrically adaptive NC processing
  • Mobile and stationary CFRP repair systems for automatic 3D scarfing
  • System integration

Value-Added Steps

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Competence Description:

BCT GmbH is specialized in the automated machining of individually shaped workpieces. Our core competencies are:

  • the integration of 3D scanning technology into NC processes
  • geometricaly adaptive machining
  • automation of NC processes and process chains

Geometrical deviations create problems during many steps in CFRP manufacturing and re-working. The automation of conventional NC processes runs into limits here. However, these tasks can be accomplished with geometrically adaptive machining. BCT offers stationary and mobile automation solutions for scarfi ng in the re-work and repair sector. These solutions dramatically shorten aircraft-on-ground times and substantially improve the quality of repair preparations.


  • mounting
  • repair
  • rework
  • manufacturing
  • automation