Airbus Operations GmbH Stade

Street: Airbus Straße 2
Zip-Code: 21684
City: Stade
Website: www.airbus.com

Long Description:

Airbus Operations GmbH at the Stade site is a specialist in manufacturing components from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, CFRP - both within the Airbus family and the EADS group. With some 1,700 employees, the Stade plant specializes in the manufacture and further development of CFRP technology for aerospace applications. Stade produces vertical tailplanes for the entire Airbus fleet, from the A320 to the A380 and in future also for the A320neo. For the latest aircraft program, the A350XWB, Stade will be in charge of vertical tailplane assembly, produce the upper wing shells as well as the upper and lower fuselage shells of section 18/19. Measuring 35 meters in length, these wing shells are the largest CFRP components built in Stade. Vertical tailplanes are manufactured by means of automated operations on a state-of-theart production line measuring 450 meters in length. Airbus Operations Stade also focuses on training and further training for CFRP technology specialists. The training workshop provides vocational training of CRFP specialists, who will later work at the various German Airbus sites.

Products + Services:

  • Structural components made of fiber composites for commercial aircraft
  • Vertical tailplanes, wing and fuselage shells for the entire Airbus fleet
  • Pressure bulkheads for the A330 and the A380 family programs
  • Vertical tailplanes and fuselage shells for the A400M, fuselage shells for the Eurofighter
  • Vocational training of CFRP specialists

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Process Simulation
Materials & Auxiliaries
Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems
Material Processing
Joining & Assembly Techniques
Surface Technology
Training & Education



Competence Description:

Tailplanes produced in Stade by Airbus are among the world’s largest structural components made of composite materials for commercial aircraft. Besides vertical tailplanes for the military transport aircraft A400M, the plant also manufactures other CFRP components such as flaps for the A320 family, spoilers for the medium and long range aircraft A330, upper and lower wing shells for the A400M, the CFRP fuselage shell for the Eurofighter program as well as pressure bulkheads for the A330 and the A380 family programs. Despite its diameter of more than six meters, the Airbus A380‘s pressure bulkhead weighs only 250 kilos. CFRP components combine very low weight with high-strength properties. CFRP is also very easy to maintain, thereby reducing the aircraft‘s operating costs. Back in 1983, Stade manufactured the first CFRP rudder for the A310. In CFRP production, mats made of carbon fi bers are cut to the shape of the component to be manufactured and laid up on special jigs. These composite elements are then cured in an autoclave.


  • serial- and start-up-production
  • lean production
  • manufacturing of large CFRP-structures
  • vertical tail plane