ABC Group Inc.

Street: 2 Norelco Drive
City: Toronto, Ontario M9L 2X6. Canada
Website: www.abcgroupinc.com

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Telephone: +1 416 742 9600

Kontaktperson: Mr. Sean Sanjabi - PhD, PEng

E-Mail: sean.sanjabi@abcgrp.com

Position: Advanced Product Development Manager



Long Description:


ABC Group is one of the world's leading automotive system and components manufacturer with locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our core business as an Automotive Tier 1 supplier is in the design, development, and production of plastic automotive systems and components for OEM's worldwide




We cover every facet of the plastics processing technologies, systems, and components for the global automotive industry, Fluid Management, Flexible Products, Interior and Exterior Systems, Air Induction Systems, and HVAC Distribution Systems.

Products / Services:  

  • Interior: Floor Consoles, Cargo Management Systems, Interior Trim,
  • Exterior: Runnig Boards, Spoilers, Bumper Systems, Body Side Molding,
  • HVAC: Defroster Ducts, Floor Ducts, Console Ducts, Battery Cabling Duct
  • Air Induction Systems: Integrated Air Induction Systems, Turbo Ducts,
  • Fluid management Systems: Windshield Washer Reservoir, Surge Tank Assy

Value-Added Steps

Product Design
Process Simulation
Materials & Auxiliaries
Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems


Automotive Construction
Automotive Construction
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering


  • Resin
  • Thermoplastics
  • Hybrid Molding