3D ICOM GmbH & Co. KG

Street: Georg-Heyken-Str. 6
Zip-Code: 21147
City: Hamburg
Website: www.3d-icom.com

Long Description

We are an independent, innovative and successful company with seven offi ces located in Germany and additional offi ces abroad. Our headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany. Our company offers excellent engineering design services for aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive and mechanical engineering as well as renewable sources of energy. Our core service cover development, design, stress calculation and project management for structural, interior and systems engineering. After several years of successfull working in development and design for the Aircraft industry, we have extended our fi elds of activity to covers automotive and mechanical engineering. Our core business is development, design, stress analysis and project management. For this purpose we provide sophisticated data models using the same software as our customer. We also design jigs & tools for our customer. Due to our sister cooperation we can supply sample parts. Our manufacturing is working with GFRP and CFRP to create composite parts in Sandwich- or monolithic design.

Products + Services

  • 3D Models with 2D-drawing creation
  • Creation of assembly drawings
  • Simulation with FE-Method
  • Assembly simulation Digital Mock-up
  • Technical Documentation


Montage- und Fügetechnik


Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Competence Description

Our know how is development, stress calculation and design for lightweight in aerospace. Due to the composite design we develop light and low maintenance components with high strength based on customer requirements. Design, Systems, System integration and interior design for aircraft is the focus of our cooperation with Premium Aerotec, Diehl Aerospace and their suppliers.