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Composite Innovations for Global Mobility is the theme of our 12th CFK Valley Convention with our partner country China.

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Day 1, June 12th, 2018



  • Representative politicians from China and Germany open the Convention 2018 together with the CEO of CFK Valley e.V.
  • Top-class key notes will introduce into the scientific part of the convention. Dr. Effenberger from INTIS will talk about the fascinating concept of 'unlimited electromobility by intelligent streets'


Session 1: Smart Cities and Countryside of the Future

The first part will give an outlook into the future: What are the requirements for the future in cities and on the countryside and what can (carbon) composites contribute. Among others Dr. Amer Affan will talk about his spectacular construction projects under usage of carbon composites and is going to present as a world premiere the invention of a new breakthrough technology.

This session will end with an expert podium discussion and will summarize the expected results of the convention.

Session 2: Newest Outstanding Composites Innovations

Here we are going to present real outstanding innovations which will have a high impact on the global mobilty. Our jury will select the best presentations based on our call for papers.


Student Innovation and Awards

This is a platform for composites innovations of our future engineers. The students of the PFH Hansecampus Stade are going to present a spectacular project. Afterwards the CFK Valley Innovation award winner will be announced and for the first time also the Thomas award winner.

The end of the first day starts with time for refreshment before you follow our invitation for an unforgetable evening event with attractions organized in cooperation with our partner country China and enough time for further networking.


Day 2, June 13th, 2018


The focus of the second day is on applications of (carbon) composites for global mobility.

Session 3: Global Mobility: The Human

The third session will start with mobility of the human, which means overcoming of handicaps by means of carbon composites and activities in our free time and sports where composites can play an important role. Speaker will be the three-time Paralympics Gold medalist from London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro, Markus Rehm. Listen to  the exciting story of  the 29-year-old,  how carbon has changed and shaped his life as a person and as  an athlete.

Session 4: Global Mobility on Earth

Global mobility on earth covers the usage of composites in trains, trucks and automobiles. There will be a presentation by the world market leader for high speed trains, CRRC from China, about their usage of composites.

Session 5: Global Mobility in the Air

In this session we are going to talk about the future requirements of the aerospace industry, the contribution from our partner country China and a path how to realize.


In a podium discussion we want to close the convention with a resume on the defined expectations in session 1 and an outlook into the future specific cooperation with our partner country China.