Kolon DACC Composite

Kolon DACC Composite Co., Ltd.

Straße: 26-23 Hamansandan 1gil
PLZ: 52061
Stadt: Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
Website: http://www.kolon.com

Erweiterte Beschreibung zum Unternehmen:

Kolon DACC Composite is the total solution provider in composite structures. From the customers’ requirements, materials selected among carbon, glass and aramid fiber with epoxy, phenol and vinylester. Concerning structural load path and stiffness deformation, structural design and analysis are performed optimized with expected cost. Based on complete designed drawing, the prototype and specimens are manufactured with composite manufacturing process. The manufactured specimens were tested for requirement inspection. From the material selection to specimen test, Kolon DACC composite provide technical support in every step of processing.

Mass production for quality system in aircraft is currently available and will be established in process of the automotive mass production.

Produkte + Dienstleistungen:

  • Defense Products (Canister, Armored vehicle structure)
  • Automotive Products (Propeller & Drive Shaft, Leaf Spring, etc.)
  • Marine time Structures (Sonar Dome, Submarine Structures)
  • Aircraft Structures (External Fuel Tank, Wing Kit Structure for GPS Guided Bomb, Radom)
  • GRE Pipes (Ballistic GRE pipe, Bushing etc.)


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Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
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Kolon DACC Composite Started from aircraft design and manufacturing and has been expanded the area to defense and automotive. Research and development about external fuel tank system of aircraft, KGGB (Korea GPS Guided Bomb) and various UAV projects established the design and analysis basement. The manufacturing technology, like autoclave, RTM, filament winding, press molding and Out-of-Autoclave, are running with various defense products after research with government. Not only small-scale of UAV composite structures, but also large scale of submarine structures are produced in house and assembling in customers shipbuilding plant. Filament winding which is available with MASS production is utilized in development of propeller and drive shaft in automotive.


  • Aircraft Application Design & Manufacturing
  • Continuous Fiber Thermoset & Thermoplastic Composite for Automotive
  • Marine System Structures using RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)
  • Composite system for Canister and Lunch System
  • Pipe (Ballistic GRE pipe, Bushing etc.)