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Below you can find the floorplan of this year’s exhibition space and the booth setting.

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Exhibitor list

Booth nr. 1 & 2:
CTC GmbH / AIRBUS (Germany)

Booth nr. 3:
Engineering System International GmbH (Germany)

Booth nr. 4:
CFK Valley / CCeV Joint booth (Germany)

1. Schill + Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH
2. Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH
3. Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH
4. Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH
5. Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen GmbH 

Booth nr. 5:
OLIN Epoxy (Germany)

Booth nr. 6:
Laser Zentrum Hannover (Germany)

Booth nr. 7:
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt  (Germany)

ACMA Member (USA)*
Booth nr. 8:
Composites One, LCC

Booth nr. 9:
Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH

Booth nr. 10:
Spintech LLC

Booth nr. 11:
Vectorply Corporation

Booth nr. 12:
Luna Innovations, Inc.

Booth nr. 13:
TxV Aero Composites

Booth nr. 14:
3M Company

Booth nr. 15:
Spirit AeroSystems Inc.

Booth nr. 16:
Loop Technology Ltd.

Booth nr. 17:

Booth nr. 18:
ACMA Member

Booth 19:
Airtech Europe Sarl (Luxembourg)

Booth nr. 20:

Booth nr. 21:
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (India)

Booth nr. 22 - 23:
Thermocoax ISOPAD GmbH (France)

Booth nr. 24:
City of Gumi (South Korea)

Booth nr. 25:
Grunewald GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Booth nr. 26 - 27:
EVONIK Resource Efficiency GmbH (Germany)

Booth nr. 28:
DIATEX S.A.S (France)

Booth nr. 29:
Kompetenzzentrum Neue Materialien & Produktion (KNMP, Germany)

Booth nr. 30:
csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH (Germany)

Booth nr. 34:
Aligned Vision / JETCAM (ACMA Member)

Booth nr. 35 - 36:
ACMA Joint Booth (USA)*

UAMMI Member (USA)*
Booth nr. 38:

Booth nr. 39:
Northrup Grumman (USA)

Booth nr. 40:

Booth nr. 41:

Booth nr. 48 - 49:
Private University of applied Sciences (Germany)